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        Professional Conference & Media Service Providers
        ABOUT US More>>
        Unismart Events Limited is a professional convention & exhibition company with international background. Focusing on mining industry, energy resources and financial areas, we are specialized in designing & organizing international conferences and exhibitions, promoting communications of corporate public relations, organizing domestic delegate to participate in overseas conferences & exhibitions as well as providing a series of exhibition related services etc.
        Business Services
        NEWS More>>
        B2Gold to acquire Oklo Resources and its Dandoko gold project near Fekola mine for A$91 million
        · B2Gold to acquire Oklo Resources and its Dandoko gold project near Fekola mine for A$91 million (2022/5/27)
        · Aurelius announces maiden mineral resources at its Aureus East gold project in Nova Scotia (2022/5/27)
        · Second-largest indicated-or-better rare earth resource in the US now identified (2022/5/23)
        · Chile aims to outline state lithium firm model this year, minister says (2022/5/23)
        · Cobalt development an exciting prospect (2022/5/20)
        Exhibition Information
        China National Conference on New Gold Technology & Innovation
        Date:April 13 - 15,2022
        Date:May 31 - June 2, 2022
        Place:Kristiansand, Norway
        PDAC 2022
        Date:June 13-17 In Person; June 28-29 Online
        Place:Toronto, Canada
        CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition
        Date:Sept, 2022
        Place:Tianjin, China
        5G & Future Mining
        Date:July, 2022
        Place:Hohhot, Inner Mongolia
        JORC Code Workshop
        Place: Beijing, China
        China Gold Mining Technology Forum
        Date:Aug 27-30, 2022
        Place:Zhaoyuan, Shandong

        Cooperate Partners
        Copyright: Unismart Events Ltd.
        Add: A1705, Jia 1, XibaheNanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100028, China
        Tel: 0086 10 64465066 Fax: 0086 10 64466368  Email: info@chinamining-expo.org

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